Magnum really knows how to pamper us this summer season by opening it's own store, early this month in SM Aura, the Magnum Manila, where you could create your own magnum ice cream just by choosing from a wide variety of toppings,cream flavor and coating, for just 100php. Usually they would let you choose three toppings for your ice cream but if you're the adventurous type then you can choose all the available ones.

image from thetummytraveller.ph

These guys who help us create our  magnum masterpiece are called the pleasure makers.

I was actually intending to try one of their pre-made ice creams but since the place was jam packed, there were no more seats available, so I just opted for this custom made one. I tried vanilla bar, coated in dark chocolate, topped with chopped pretzels, gold nuggets and mini mallows and drizelled with golden salted caramel. First bite was just HEAVENLY! :) It was worth all the wait, I was waiting on queue for almost 15 minutes but it's definitely worth it.

Here are their pre-made magnum ice creams:

Rainbow Dream 250php

Cookie Dough Skillet 250php

Death by Chocolate 250php

Pink Friday 290php
images of pre-made magnum ice creams are from thetummytraveller.ph

Magnum Manila not only serves heavenly ice creams but they also have savory dishes and they will only be around until early next year, so make sure to give your palate some lovin' the Magnum Manila way.

Magnum Manila is located at 5f SM Aura SkyPark Dining.



How was your holy week everyone? While most were on vacay or had their grand staycation at home, I was  still working my ass off in the office, I know my fellow call center agents out there can sooo relate, lol! Anyway, it's been awhile since the last time I blogged, and God knows how much I missed this, I was kinda busy for the past couple of weeks and for my comeback, naks! lol! I decided to blog about this newly opened restaurant, the first international celebrity chef restaurant in the Philippines that is, Todd English Food Hall, located in SM Aura Premier.

The first Food Hall was at the The Plaza in New York City. It was franchised here in the Philippines by Eric Dee, who also owns other restaurants like Kai, Cerveceria, Ebun and Mangan and Crocodile Grill.

Many have thought that the Food Hall was just like a buffet restaurant, but it's not. It's the first of it's kind, for it has nine stations or live kitchens, preparing the wide selection of food, like pizzas, salads, grilled dishes, Japanese foods, pastas, which is by the way, hand built in Italy just for English and they're only three in the world who serves pasta like that, all of these food prepared right before your very eye. 

This is their pasta section. (photo from spot.ph)

This cupcake ferris wheel is one of the main attractions of the restaurant.  
(photo from spot.ph)

When I went there yesterday, the place was kinda jam packed, I thought that since it's Easter Sunday, maybe the mall won't be too crowded, the people are still on vacay but i was totally wrong. Thank God they  have a  bar, to where single customers who won't mind seating, can still enjoy their food, it's still comfortable, atleast I dont have to wait for almost an hour before I can have a seat because I was really hungry when I went there. 

I tried their T. E. Pokchop, which was priced at 430 php. I know that T. E. stands for Todd English, but I also have another definition for this acronym, which is Tender and Excellent. Yep you guessed it right, the meat is just so tender and it's demi-glace sauce, is divine!!! It blends perfectly with the meat. They really fit to a T! That's how excellent is this dish, so a perfect score of 5 is definitely a must!

After devouring on the porkchop, my conscience was kinda bugging me, it's telling me that my digestion might act up by tomorrow since I ate something so meaty, this situtation really happens to me :D so I decided to have something healthy for dessert, I tried their Greek Salad, for 260 php, it has crispy romaine lettuce, red onion, olives, cucumber, feta chese, oregano vinaigrette, Greek yogurt, served with feta cheese philo triangles, and though the serving was too many for a desert, I really don't mind :D and just like the first dish that I ordered, it also deserves a score of 5 out ot 5, it's just sooo flavorful! It's yummy, healthy and affordable, what can you ask for?

For my drinks, I ordered Cafe Mocha for 120 php, yes, at 1pm, in the scorching heat of the summer sun, I still ordered coffee :D But I had no regrets, it was sooo good, not too sweet, and definitely not too strong, just right to keep anyone awake  lol! and perfect for coffee addicts like me, whose taste buds are just yearning for caffeine. This one's also a 5.
All in all I super love my Todd English Food hall experience, the foods are heavenly, prices are very reasonable because of the generous serving as well, customer service is impeccable, and ambiance is good. I can say that this is one of the best restaurants that I've tried, this is definitely not my last with you guys. Keep up the good work :)

Todd English Food Hall is at 5f Sky Park, SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global, City.
They're open daily at 10am to 10pm.