At first, I thought the movie was boring, I didn't have the slightest idea that it could be this inspiring. This movie is a definite must see for blogger wannabe's out there, I used to be one of them, hehe! This blog is actually a dream come true for me. I know it sounds "mababaw" but I guess I developed this interest in blogging because I myself, also loves to read blogs. I learn a lot from them because these are real people sharing their experiences and tips that can be really useful in our daily lives, anyway so much for that topic, the other thing that I loved about this movie which is a true story by the way, is that I was able to relate to their keen appreciation for food, if you were able to watch the trailer above, Meryl Streep which was Julia's character in the movie, she was asked by her husband, played by Stanley Tucci on what was the thing that she really likes to do and without a bat of an eyelash, Julia answered "eat". I guess we are these type of people that lives to eat, hehe! I was able to relate to Julie's character as well played by Amy Adams, in the part where she was really exhausted with her day job and that she was looking for an outlet, I guess most of you can also relate to that, right? Its not that we really hate our jobs its just that sometimes it can get really exhausting, stressful that we need to have an escape or yeah an outlet as what iv'e mentioned earlier. 

  So to end this post, again, I would highly recommend this movie, if your'e also a foodie or you just want to watch a feel good movie different from the usual romantic comedies :)

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