So this is my first official post, which is about this breakfast dish called Eggs and Steak, though the picture shows more than that, it also has criscut fries, which was the best fries iv'e ever tasted by the way, hehe! It also has roasted tomatoes, sunny sideup eggs, sourdough toast that I didn't get to eat much though it also tastes good, it's just that I was so engrossed with the angus steak, which I preferred to be cooked medium, its the best steak i've ever had. All in all, I'd give this dish a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, coz I didn't really like the roasted tomatoes and with regard to the amount of time that it took before the food was served, it was kinda long, but it was definitely worth it so I don't really mind. I ordered this from Draft Gastropub in Greenbelt 2 in Makati, yesterday, Sept. 25th, I did a bit of  a research before going here, which what I usually do before trying a new place. According to my research, this place is a fine dining restaurant by morning and it can turn into somewhat like a party place by night, hence the name pub. At first, I thought they're only serving beers but I was totally wrong, they also have desserts, pastas, sandwiches. I will definitely go back to this place, considering that they have a very good customer service as well! :)   

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