I've always love, love, love Italian food, especially pasta and because of this I've been dreaming of going to Italy just to experience the authentic Italian food, but since I can't afford to go there yet, I just scouted for the nearest Italian restaurant and the most affordable one that I know was Sicilycisimo in Festival Mall, Alabang.

  It's actually my third time going here and this time I was with my cousin, who's my usual food trip buddy :D
  Their interiors are a lot better now, though the old look of the resto wasn't bad at all, it's just that I really like the additional paintings of the place.

  These two pics below are my fave among all the quotes on their wall. 

  A complimentary dish of garlic stick was served while waiting for our orders.

   As always, I ordered for pesto pasta, theirs has a twist though. It's for php249. This one's called Pesto Wrap, which I would give a 4 out of 5 star rating. I really don't see the point of having it wrapped into something that is not edible but nevertheless it still tastes good, though I kinda got tired with the taste after consuming almost half of it, maybe because it's cream based as well which as you all know,  I'm not a fan of.

  We also ordered their Canneloni, which means large reeds in Italian, for php249, it's kinda like an enlarged penne pasta, usually served with a filling inside and covered by sauce, which I would give a 5 star rating. It's really good, though it's creamy, no "umay" at all.

  Another dish that we tried was their Fantasia Pizza, for php389, which deserves a perfect score as well, this pizza has mushrooms, bacon and sunny side up egg in the middle.

   My most fave among all our orders is this dessert called Cannoli, for only php159, which is made of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dish with a sweet creamy filling inside, I believe its cream cheese. These are two types of Cannoli, two pieces for each type, one has cherries and the other one has chocolate chips.

  Another thing that I love with Sicilysimo, is that the whole place is really clean and the staff are also very friendly. I would highly suggest this restaurant for Italian food lovers out there who's also on a budget. You would definitely get your money's worth.

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