I remember when I went to Thailand way back in 2008, aside from falling in love with the shopping experience, I kinda went gaga with their food as well :D

  When I went to Mall of Asia earlier, I suddenly remember how I loved Thai foods, it was just a pure spur of the moment thought. So when I pass by a  restaurant with a tag line that says, "eat thai, love thai", without a second thought, I went inside :D 

  I actually love their interiors, the first thing that came into my mind when I entered the place was that, it was STYLISH. I love the combination of black and purple which are their main motifs.

  Aren't they cute? Well for me, it is :D

   Most of the purple walls are adorned with black laces and we all know how laces are kinda hit again in fashion since last season if I'm not mistaken (sorry if laces aren't really visible in this pic and I think this shot of their wall looks more of a door, LOL!)

  A complimentary dish of chips and nuts were served while waiting for my order.

   I tried their Thai Rice Noodles with Chicken Fillet. For a reasonable price of Php228, this dish deserves  a 5 star rating. It was really flavorful, I wouldn't mind munching on this even on the summer season where the sun is scorching hot. It also has mung beans which was in great combination with the rice noodles, and the white onions, which I'm not a fan of, actually even the purple ones, but with this dish it doesn't taste like onions at all, it's more of like turnip or "singkamas" but it's definitely white onions.

   I also tried their Thai Coffee Cream Shake, which I would give a 4.5 star rating. By the way for its price of Php98, it's almost a treat coz of the  scoop of ice cream on top, which I think is vanilla flavored, but what kept me from giving this drink a perfect score was the fact that I got tired with the taste or what you call "umay" even if I haven't consumed half of it yet.

  But all in all it was a pleasurable experience visiting this place because of their friendly staff and they don't have service charge, LOL!

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