Yesterday, Oct 4th, me and my cousin went to  our usual go to place for some gastronomic adventure, which is Nuvali :D 
  I would highly recommend this place, to my fellow southerners out there or to anyone of you who's in the mood for foodtrippin' and retail therapy in a more laid back atmosphere. Nuvali is in Solenad 1 and Solenad 2 along Sta. Rosa - Tagaytay Rd. and yesterday our feet brought us to Solenad 1 and decided to try Uncle Cheffy wherein their specialties are bbq and pizza.

 We ordered their Cheese, Cheese and Cheese pizza which has mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar, gruyere, blue cheese, herbs and salsa. For me the best way to eat this pizza, is that since its really thin you can actually roll each slice and then stuffed it with herbs and salsa, its just so Y-U-M-M-Y :D

   Another specialty that we ordered was their Memphis Bbq U. S. Ribs which was also served with marble potatoes, lettuce and three kinds of sauces, if I'm not mistaken one of them was salsa, I'm sorry I wasn't able to check the other two because I was really enjoying my pizza :D but the ribs was very tender, so I also enjoyed it.

   We also tried their Lamb Breast Provencale Way. This is actually my least favorite among all our orders, it says in the menu that it will be served with salad and sauces but when it arrived in our table it only has one type of sauce that for me doesn't really match with the strong flavor of the lamb.

   Anyway Uncle Cheffy was able to make up for the not so pleasurable experience of my taste buds with the previous dish when our dessert was served which was the Italian Leche Flan. Its the best leche flan I've ever tasted!!!! I hope my exclamation points were able to help me express how I love this dish, LOL! It's sweetness is just right, even if you eat it with it's side dish of mango, whip cream and cherry, don't worry about having sugar coma, unless of course  you consume 10 servings of this, LOL! :D


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