Yesterday, Oct 10th, was the first leg of Coffee Origins, it is an event that is being held every October at Greenbelt in Makati, so it's like the October Fest of coffees. It will run until Oct 22nd and as a self confessed coffee addict, of course I didn't dare miss this event :D

Photo courtesy of facebook.com/greenbelt
  Several coffee brands from almost all over the country participated. It was like a feast for me yesterday because of the free taste of the different types of coffee that I don't get to savor on a daily basis :D

   Each Coffee brand has their own booth. The first one that I tried was Cafe Amadeo which is also part of the Cavite Coffee Development Board. They let me try their mix of robusta, arabica, excelsa and liberica. If I were to rate this coffee, which is 5 being the highest, I will give this a perfect score. It's not too sweet and not too strong, just the right amount, considering that it's a mix of four different species of coffee.

   The next one that I tried was Kapeng Bailen. They actually share a booth with Cafe Amadeo. I tried their mix of robusta, arabica and liberica. I will give their coffee a 4.5 star rating because it's still really strong even after adding a generous amount of creamer and sugar, well maybe because I'm not really a fan of strong coffee, but if you are, then you will surely enjoy this.

   The next one that I tried was Kape Isla which was from Negros Occidental. I was able to have a taste of their Mt. Kanlaon coffee (It was only  when I uploaded the pics that I noticed that this shot of Mt. Kanlaon coffee was not really photogenic, LOL! #MyBad #Sorry) Anyway this coffee was a premium blend of arabica and robusta. I'd give this a 4 star rating because it's not as flavorful as the first two that Iv'e tried, well maybe because it was only a blend of two types of coffee.

  The next coffee booth that I went to was the booth for Kape Musang, I'd give their coffee a 4.5 star rating. When I tried their product they don't have sugar anymore, I just added creamer but it's still tastes good. Maybe my curiosity for how it could have tasted if it has sugar was what kept me from giving it a perfect score :D

  The next that I tried was Hawaiian Coffee Co, which was yep, really from Hawaii. I gave them a 5 star rating, because even if their coffee was only a mix of arabica and robusta it still taste like it has almost all of the species of coffee in it.

  Gourmet Farms was the next one that Iv'e tried. I gave them a perfect score as well for the Manila Blend that I was able to taste, it was also a combination of if I'm not mistaken arabica and robusta :D

  Also I was able to try a coffee fr Sulu, which was called Royal Coffee, theirs is a Civet coffee, which is made fr beans of coffee berries that has been eaten and excreted by the Asian Palm Civet, yep you read it right, its droppings are what makes this coffee oh so yummy!but this baby definitely deserve a perfect score :)

  The last coffee that I tried was Siete Baracos fr Batangas. I had a taste of their Black Gold Label coffee, which I gave a 4 star rating, its too strong but then again I'm not a fan of strongly brewed coffee but if you are then i would highly suggest this product to you :)



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