I was pretty impress that P.F. Chang's branch in Alabang Town Center was their first in Asia. They also have another one in Taguig but being the Southerner that I am of course I went to ATC to finally experience this Chinese restaurant that first gained popularity in the US.

  One of their FRIENDLY staff offered to mix a special sauce for me while waiting for my order (very kind of her or maybe it's an SOP to them, anyhow I appreciated it ) just in case I would need one. She mixed a small amount of hot mustard, the one on the small cup on the left, a small amount of chili paste, the one on the small cup on the right, they mixed it with this special sauce on the small cup on the center, I'm sorry I wasn't able to ask what made the sauce special, anyway I wasn't able to use the sauce that was mixed for me because my order was flavorful enough.

   I ordered their Sichuan Chicken Chow Fun Noodle. It's a rice noodle stir fried with minced chicken, preserved veggies, black mushrooms and onions in a spicy sauce but I requested for mine to be less spicy. I'd give this dish a 4 star rating out of my usual 5 star rating as being the highest, it has a bitter taste into it, it seems that the mushrooms were burnt, or maybe the black mushroom is supposed to taste like that. I think it's better off without the mushroom or they could have just added a different mushroom instead.

   I also tried their apple juice that I would give a 3 star rating because it kinda tasted like one of our local apple flavored light alcoholic drink. 

   But what i really really like with P.F. Chang's though is their EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I need to put emphasis on that, their staff are uber friendly and  definitely deserve a 5 star rating.

  Another thing that I love with this place is their interiors. I'm sorry I wasn't able to post pics of it because my cam wasn't cooperating when I tried to take pics #Sorry

   They also gave me  a discount card which will take 500 php off on my next visit if I will be ordering worth at least 1500 php #NotBad

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