I once watched a local tv show counting down the latest food craze that we have on the Metro. One of the food craze that was mentioned was double fried chicken. Imagine how crispy your chicken can get if it's fried that way, right? :D and the first restaurant in Manila to give our all time fave dish a twist was Chicken Charlie and they actually opened their first store in 2010 but thank goodness coz only after three years they opened up a store in our very own SM Calamba, yay! :D I'm actually a food traveller so I was really happy when I saw a branch that is only 10 min tricycle ride away,haha! I don't have to go all the way to Manila.

  Anyway, I was with my cousin when I went to Chicken Charlie yesterday and were actually both on a budget so this was really a perfect place coz they have value meals,haha! 

  We tried their value meal F which comprises of a generous serving of Charlie's Signature Burger, fries and drinks, for a very affordable price of 145 php this is such a treat, and yep the chicken is oh so C-R-I-S-P-Y :D

   We also ordered their value meal B which has 2 pc drumsticks, rice and drinks. My cousin actually opted to try two different flavors for the drumsticks, one is chilli and one is plain flavored. This meal is only for 138 php.

  All in all we super love everything that we ordered, their chicken is REALLY CRISPY! We definitely got our money's worth.


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