Here's another dose of inspiring movie for you guys, in a laugh out loud form :D
  I can say that this is one of the best comedy film that Iv'e seen so far. It stars Sandra Bullock and the oh so hot Bradley Cooper :D 
  It's about this uber intelligent cossword puzzle writer, Mary Horowitz, played by Sandra, who was setup for a blind date by her parents to Steve, a cameraman from CCN Network News, played by Bradley, and it was love at first sight for Mary but not for Steve. 

  Mary's obsession with Steve, and her adventures while stalking him across the country has what made her realize some life lesson's that can be compared with solving a crossword puzzle, like perseverance, the importance of never quitting, other life lessons like not changing yourself for anybody and that if you love somebody, if stalking is the only way to be with that person, then your'e probably not meant to be with them in the first place, makes sense, right? not that I can relate to that, hehe! 

 I hope that you could also have the chance to watch this movie coz aside from those simple wisdom, it also has nice soundtracks and it's just really hilarious! A nice movie to watch with family and friends :D

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