After I feasted at the Coffee Origins, I decided to finally take my lunch, it was almost 3 pm, I was walking down GB5, looking at the long lineup of restos, and my feet brought me to Zuni.

  I guess what brought me here was their very relaxing music, a jazz version of some of the old songs :D

  Anyway, for me this restaurant has one of the most relaxing ambiance. You can choose to either dine inside their dining area or enjoy your food on their al fresco which what I actually did. 

  I ordered one of their pasta dishes. Anyone who knows me will say that this is what I always order if available, specifically pesto pasta :D but since they don't have that in the menu, I decided to try  their Penne with Chicken and Hungarian Sausage.

  It was sauteed in olive oil and garlic, with red cabbage, sun dried tomatoes and arugula, it also has slices of cheese, I'm sorry I wasn't able to ask what type of cheese is it but all in all this dish is really good, especially that I'm not a fan of cream based pasta, this is such a good choice.
For my drinks, whenever I'm eating out, I usually pair my food with coffee, but since I almost had a total of a pitcher of coffee at the Coffee Origins, I opted to try one of their pineapple flavored chilled drinks.

  For me, this is the best pineapple drink that Iv'e ever had. It's not too sweet, not too sour and it's very refreshing :)


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