Lately Iv'e been really fascinated with the comeback of this fashion piece from the 80's, crop tops, that is. Iv'e always wanted to buy one I just don't know where to wear them, LOL! Well I could wear them to the mall or whenever I'm hanging out with my friends, but I guess living here in the province won't be an appropriate place to don such type of clothing, I mean the people here are very conservative :D

   Anyhow, I just wanted to share with you my current fashion obsession, I would also love to match it with a skater skirt.

  You can also pair it with a long, flowy skirt or maxi skirt like what our very own Ms. World 2013 Megan Young did in this picture.

   How about you, what fashion piece are you currently obsessing? :)

  Photos courtesy of facebook.com/apartment8clothing


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