I've always wanted to try French Cuisine and yesteday I finally got to experience it when I went to Bizu Patiserrie in Greenbelt 2, in Makati. There's also another branch in Alabang Town Center but I preferred to try the one in Greenbelt because it's a bigger place, therefore photos of the place would be better :D

I love their motif which are pink and purple, so girly, so me!

A complimentary dish of bread that came with butter and herbs was served while waiting for my order. Their complimentary dish is already so good. 

When I went there, I'm not really hungry,so I just ordered for something light in the tummy. I tried their La Doyenne. A forest ham sandwich that they toasted and pan fried, topped with dark cherry preserves and chantily cream. I'd give this dish a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. The Dark cherry preserves are too sweet that after a couple of bites, I scraped some of it from the bread because I might get tired of the taste, good thing the sandwich also has cheese to give it a li'l salty taste but for me it wasn't really enough, those cherries are still too sweet.

I also tried their Cafe mocha, which deserves a perfect score. I sooo love the taste  and how it looks. This is perfect for a cold weather and it kinda tasted like choknut drink of one of the restaurants that I also visited before.

My trip to this place is such a treat. I love the ambience and the friendly staff. A must try for French cuisine craving. 

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