I guess seeing that I actually uploaded a trailer of the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic" you already have a clue on why I entitled this post "My Confessions" instead of the movie title itself, yes, Imma self confessed shopaholic and I cannot remember how many times I've watch this movie but every time I do, I still can't stop myself fr drooling over Rebecca's shoes and clothes played by Isla Fisher. I can relate to almost every scene in this movie, well except for the part that she was being chase by the debt collector because I don't own a credit card and I don't intend to coz I'm such an impulsive buyer but I don't have anything against those that have these magical plastics,lol! its just that for me, it's not really advisable. What I also love about the movie, is how her parents taught her that anyone shouldn't be define by the clothes they wear or by any material things that they own, love of family and friends is still what matters, I'm also guilty of forgetting it sometimes, though I wont go through the details anymore coz I don't want to sound like a drama queen,lol! I love shopping, like how I love writing, fashion and being a foodie but I'm proud to say that once in a while I practice the art of being a practical shopper. I go to the malls, only to check  the latest collection of some high end brands and then I go to bazaars to shop for dresses that almost has the same style with those that I saw in malls. Most of the time there's not much of a difference, even the fabric is also the same but you can get them for less than half the price. You don't really have to buy knock off items but there are really good finds fr the not so popular brands.

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