I finally got to experience this food craze that first hit New York when I went to Tempura Japanese Grill in Alabang Town Center yesterday.

When I took the first bite of this dish, the first thing that came into my mind was that, it is indeed true that good thing comes to those who wait, lol! I've been waiting for Ramen Burger to come to the Phils, so I was really happy when it did, much more when I learn that not only will it be available in Manila, but also in ATC which is way more accessible from my place. Anyway, going back to my experience munching on this dish, the almost 15 minute wait for my order was truly worth it. Out of my usual rating, which is 5 being the highest, I'd give this a 6, lol! It was sooooo good!!!! It was like love at first bite! I love the grilled like taste of it's homemade beef patty and honey cured bacon. It also has roasted onions, sesame seeds, lettuce and smothered with Tempura Japanese Grill's signature sauce. A side dish of potato chips was also served along with it. I would highly recommend this dish if you want a twist on your regular burger.

I also ordered their Watermelon shake, which I would give a 4.5 out of 5 star rating because it's too sweet.

What I also love about this experience, is that Tempura Japanese Grill doesn't have service charge :D


  1. The dish looks delicious! Haven't been to Ramen Burger yet, is it pricey or is it all worth it? Thanks Glezzie!

  2. It's only for 245php, available in Tempura Japanese Grill in ATC, oh so worth it! :)