Azumi Boutique Hotel is the newest 3 star hotel in my second home which is Alabang Muntinlupa, City. I learned about it through instagram, Preview Magazine was invited to its grand opening last Jan 23rd, as shown here and since it's only around 10 minute drive away from where I work, I dropped by after my shift to check it out. As we all know, for newly opened hotels, their intoductory rates are so affordable, so I tried my luck to see if I will be able to reserve a room for me.

How I wish that we could also have this sandal display in our garden at home :D

When I went there, they're uber friendly staff showed me their sample rooms, from standard to superior, they were supposed to show me the Penthouse as well but unfortunately the staff member showing me around doesn't have have the keys for it. All the rooms that I saw were almost identical, they just really differ in size, so being the practical that I am, sometmes :D I tried checking in on one of their standard rooms, anyway I'll only stay there overnight and it's only me, myself and I that will be checking in so I don't really need a huge room.

This was the room that I got. I can say that it's worth every penny, it was really clean and spacious enough for me, I think three people can fit in here.

And to my favorite part, which is eating :D every guests will be given a breakfast stub to be presented at Cafe Romulo, which is in ground floor of the hotel. You can choose to either have a Filipino or American themed breakfast. Since I'm not really a fan of rice, I opted for the American one.

For someone with really big appetite, I don't think this is enough :D but it was really good though. A cup of coffee with milk was also served along with it.

A healthy dessert was also served.

There's a free use of the infinity pool at the Penthouse, but since I'm not with anyone I just enjoyed the view.

There's also a nail spa at the ground floor.

I really loved my experience with Azumi. I hope to have a grand staycation there in the future or maybe before April ends because according to their staff, their introductory rates has a tentative schedule of until April 2014.

These are their introductory rates:
Standard - Php 3000 NET
Deluxe - Php 3400 NET
Superior - Php 3800 NET

Azumi Boutique Hotel is located at 2205 Market Street Madrigal Business Park Phase III Alabang Muntinlupa, City

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