Last week was the opening of Tim Ho Wan, the newest restaurant franchised by Ricky Dee, who's also responsible for the opening of the first international celebrity chef restaurant in the Philippines, Todd English Food Hall. This time he partnered with Felix Ang, of CATS Motors.

Tim Ho wan is the most affordable michelin star restaurant, so it's all fine dining quality but this time without causing a hole in your pocket. This is also one of the restaurants in Hong Kong and Singapore that most tourists and locals won't mind lining up for if they're craving for dim sum dishes, as evidenced by the picture below, which was taken in their Hong Kong branch.

This was still the scene at Tim Ho Wan, even if I went there yesterday which was already after 5 days fr it's original opening day and I think it would still go on for a couple of months. I waited on queue for almost 10 minutes. 

I ordered for their Four Heavenly Kings, which includes this Baked Bun with BBQ Pork (PHP145 for 3 pcs), I can say that this is one of my fave in the bunch. The bread has a perfect sweetness and softness that goes really well with the pork bbq inside. It's like fried Siopao but waaaay better. This one deserves a score of 5 out of 5.

My next fave would have to be this Vermicelli Rolls with Pig's Liver (PHP 150 for 3 pcs). The translucent wrapper is so soft but can still perfectly hold the filling inside. The pig's liver was very tender as well with an oh so yummy meaty flavor. This dish is also a 5.

 Another dish in the list of Four Heavenly Kings is this Steamed Egg Cake (PHP85) which is just sooo moist and tastes really good because of it's coconut milk flavor. This one's also a 5.

Lastly is this Pan Fried Turnip Cake, which at first really tastes weird, maybe because I haven't tried anything like this before, it's kinda salty but then I realized that it tasted better with soy sauce. This dish gets a score of 3 from me.

Tim Ho Wan is located at GF of SM Mega Fashion Hall and will soon open at Glorietta and SM Mall of Asia.




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