Each one of us need  some "me time" once in a while. Most of  the people I know go to spa's if they need one, some are going on a shopping spree, I'm also guilty of that, lol! It's really up to you, but my fave form of "me time", you might find this weird, is staying in hotels even just for a night if I can't get a chance to travel. The last time I did this was in Azumi Boutique Hotel I do this if I'm reeeaaally stressed and dying to have a totally different environment, and last Friday, when the one day leave that I filed at work was approved, I went to City Garden Hotel in Makati. 

 I booked for a Superior room, which comes with a bath tub. This room is perfect for single guest like me.

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I wanted so much to swim when I was here, but the pool was always packed with kids :D

photo from fnetravel.com

You have an option to try their buffet breakfast at Le Jardin Restaurant, located at the 2nd level of the hotel.

This is what I got for beakfast, which I kinda regret, not because it doesn't taste good, it does actually, it's just that maybe because I was just really hungry when I took my breakfast that I just tried the first set of meals that I saw and didn't bother looking around, I didn't notice the pasta, and salad that I would really prefer, but anyway this Nasi Goreng, sauteed mushrooms, buttered potatoes and sausages aren't bad at all. They all get a perfect score of 5.

This coffee, sans creamer and sugar already tastes goooooood. I would definitely give this a 5.

I hope that you enjoy reading my sharing of my City Garden Hotel experience. You can also try the same form of "me time ", in the same exact hotel, as it's worth every penny as well, the amenities and facilities were really good and so with the customer service.

City Garden Hotel Makati is located at 7870 Makati Avenue corner Kalayaan Avenue
Makati City, Philippines

Just so you could have an idea of their rates, you can go to this link, 


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